• Who can use the Siegburg Public Library?
    Everyone can use the library. However, if you want to check out material or use the Internet, please present your ID card, passport or certificate of residence.
    Children need their parent’s consent/agreement, if they want to check out
  • How do I use the catalogues to search for resources in the Library?
    Please enter a keyword, name of author, title etc. in the search field. A book is on ’hold’/There is a reservation on the book. What does that mean? You cannot borrow this book at the moment. Please wait until the book has been returned. If you would like to make a reservation on that book, it’s € 2.00. Then you
    will be informed when the book is available/back. 
  • Can I check my emails at the Library?
    Yes, you can if you are a member of the Library. Please use our Internet terminals or our free WIFI.
  • How can I photocopy?
    Please use the copying machine in the Library. It’s on the ground floor in the reading area. It’s easy to use: Just lift the cover and put your original on the glass. 
  • Can I scan material in the Library?
    Sorry, no you can’t.
  • Can I print material in the Library?
    Yes, you can. Please use our Internet terminals. Please collect your printouts at the copying machine on the ground floor.
  • Can I take my rucksack/bag in?
    Yes, you can. Library members are also free to use our lockers during opening hours. 
  •  Can I take my lunch into the Library?
    Sorry, no you can’t. Please visit our literature café for drinks, snacks, etc.
  • What happens if I lose a book?
    Please inform the library staff immediately. In this case you have to pay for a replacement. Please also pay the administration fee of € 2.00.
  • Where can I find the computers for library catalogues?
    Please have a look at our touch screen. You will find them all over the library
  • Is the Internet use for free?
    Yes, it is.
  • Do you have free WIFI service in the Library?
    Yes, we do. Everybody can use their own devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.).
  • Can my relatives use my library Card?
    Sorry, no they can’t. The library card is non-transferable.
  • It is for your own use only.I forgot my reading glasses. Do you have any?
    Yes, we do. We can offer reading glasses in different eyesights.
  • Do you have study rooms?
    Yes, we do. Please have a look at our touch screen for "work @ surf"
  • Do you have an event programme?
    Yes, we do. Please visit our Homepage: Event page of the city library Siegburg


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